Monday, June 16, 2008

Ubuntu´s new release 8.04 complimented by Firefox 3.0´s release-Insight

Ubuntu´s latest release-the 8.04 version of the popular open source OS is complimented by the release of the final version of FireFox 3.0. This is a great joy for Linux users(including me)!

While FireFox is known for blocking viruses and keeping users safe;Ubuntu is known for its robust,very reliable and secure Open Source OS. The version comes with 8.04Open Office 2.4 which is capable of reading .docx! The Hardy Heron version sports the clean yet organized interface which the version had! It is also all the more aesthetically pleasing with Gutsy GibbonCompiz Fusion turned on(Compiz + Beryl = Compiz Fusion)! As it does always-it comes with Totem movie player. For email purposes you get Evolution mail which is similar to Microsoft´s Outlook. In the Examples folder in Home,there is a video showing an interview with Africa´s icon of freedom-Nelson Mandela!

To install the OS it only takes a few minutes opposed to the long 45 minutes/30 minutes for XP/Vista to install. When booting from disc,you first get into the OS-even before you install it-where you can experiment with its features and then install it if you wish! As always all Linux OSs are free of cost and so is this....

Keep up the good work Red Hat...

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