Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Flock web browser-review

IE and Mozilla Firefox are the world's most popular web browsers and as these two browsers battle it out for the best browser stature, other social web browsers like Flock might prove a competitor one day!

Even though Flock starts a little too late after you click the button,it provides many cool features like built-in photo uploader and offline/online blog editor! It sports a very 21st century look which might please some. You can customize bookmarks by using tags and you can access/create an account with the most popular sites like Twitter and Piczo-all from a sidebar named 'Accounts and Services Sidebar'!You also get what is known as a 'Media Bar' and also a 'Web Clipboard'.

All the dialog boxes are ditto like that of Firefox's-so there isn't anything new there. Just as Firefox and IE you can get 'extensions' and 'add-ons'. Most of you would have noticed that if you had tweak Firefox's settings to improve surfing speed you had to type 'about:config' in the address bar.Similarly in Flock if you type 'about:World' in the address bar or click the 'My World' button-a new tab opens in which you can view feeds,or access 'Facebook'/'Flickr' accounts or watch some videos.

According to my opinion Flock is a very good browser! Really-you should try it!

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