Monday, June 2, 2008

Create a perfect blog...

Many of us are most of times bored...right? So,the best way to pass time is to blog. Here are some tips to create a blog which might appeal to some users....

1)Use high contrast backgrounds which make your blog easy to read. Usually black and white is a good combination.

2)DO NOT overload your blog with too much media like ads and images-because this might put off some users as the blog might take too much time to load.

3)Get to the point and try to be descriptive at times.

4)If you want your blog to generate money you should post ads-but not too many. Google's AdWords is a good start for newbies.

5)Be consistent. Keep creating blogs everyday so that it will make readers to return to your blog.

6)You can use different templates to make your blog good. Usually a template matching the theme of your blog will be good,but remember; a very snazzy one will make it hard for everyone to read your blog!

Follow these tips to create a content-rich blog...

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