Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cell processors in Toshiba laptops...!!!

The world's first set of laptops unveiled by Toshiba sport the powerful PS3 Cell processor- but to popularize it among users Toshiba has named the processor as "Toshiba Quad Core HD processor". If you still haven't caught my drift- the Cell processor was used in the PS3 and IBM's world's fastest super computer Road Runner which broke the petaflop barrier.

As per now, the three laptops from Toshiba incorporating the Cell processor technology are the Qosmio G55, Qosmio X305, Qosmio F55 which are designed for processor intensive applications like multimedia and gaming and should go on sale this summer! The X305 will also boast a nVidia 9800GTX graphics processor with 1GB VRAM!!! :)

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