Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fifa09=50,000 tactics??-Preview

The happening thing in the web is that game maker giant-EA is set to release FIFA 09-but I know not when. EA boasts that FIFA 09 has roughly 50,000 combinations.Lead producer David Rutter says "There are roughly 50,000 possible combinations. That's not really doing it justice. The point is there are over 40 different defensive ways to play and over 500 attacking ways." That's not doing any justice? Is he joking?

According to Rutter "the AI will do it too, so if you play Man Utd and they go a goal down, they're gonna change to try to get a goal back." Try to get a goal back? So the AI(artificial intelligence) changes tactics during the game depending on the situaions? GREAT-now we have no hope of winning even a single match!

Just imagine how difficult it would be to even a single match-or if you turn the table around-how "easy" it would be to win a match? Well keep dreaming..........

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