Friday, June 6, 2008

Power bills=Sky High? Solution: TURN OFF YOUR GAME CONSOLE!!!

Are your power bills sky-high? Do you own a game console! Its the culprit!!!Really!!! A test ran by an Aussie shows that if you left your PS3 on for a full year it would cost you a gazillion 10,647 Rs!!! Surely thats a lot!Of course nobody would leave their PS3s on for a full year-but it just goes to show that the PS3 is the power-bill-culprit consuming a tremendous 195 and above watts when under full load!!!

Well don't be surprised-because even the Xbox-360 is no exception costing a hefty
8,311 Rs(for a full year)!!! Well the humble Wii only costs a meager 1006 Rs :)!!!

Here's another fact-the PS3 is the most energy wise console among the lot(with it's back switch on) and the Wii to be console consuming the power with Connect24 on!!!

So since you have a solution-AdiĆ³s!!!

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