Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quick Heal Total Security 2008-Review

Quick Heal 2008 is an antivirus product of CAT Technologies and I have to say that it is a wonderful product!

When you first install Quick Heal 2008 it performs a thorough scan of your computer and is easy to install. It provides you with options to install firewall and many such features.Quick Heal 2008 is a strong competitor for both Kaspersky and Norton,and literally you receive updates everyday.

You can also perform a 'Native Scan' meaning the next time you boot your computer,before entering Windows Quick Heal performs a thorough scan which increases detection rates. Quick Heal 2008 also comes bundled with and 'Anti Root Kit' which detects malwares silently sitting in your computer.You can also use a feature of Quick Heal known as 'Window Spy' which when dragged and releases upon any .exe file or any file for that matter comes up with a window showing the file's details! Other such useful features are 'Track Cleaner' and 'Hijack Restore' and 'Advanced System Explorer'.

All in all it makes for a GREAT antivirus software!

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