Monday, June 30, 2008

Playstation update 2.40 walkthrough Part:2

On continuing with my previous article "Playstation update 2.40 walkthrough Part:1" is second part. So now lets get down to business...Here's the video...

Super Stardusr HD; a Playstation Network exclusive released in June 2007 will be the first game to leverage trophies and will offer a variety of Trophies.

PS3 users can expect to see additional games bringing Trophies support to their feature sets through 2008 and beyond, providing even greater opportunity to showcase their accomplishments and compete with friends. The following first-party games are also slated to offer Trophy support:

  • BUZZ! Quiz TV
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • MotorStorm Pacific Rift
  • NBA 09 - PS3
  • PAIN
  • PixelJunk Eden
  • Resistance 2
  • SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALS Confrontation
  • Warhawk

Also, the amount of people you can add to your PSN friends list has been doubled, to 100.The update also adds a mini-control panel that you can use while playing music and an internet search feature powered by Google that allows you to search directly from the XMB. In addition, when you’re using the XMB(even in-game), the current time and date will be displayed in the upper right hand corner.Firmware v2.40 is slated for release on July 2nd.

Microsoft to stop selling XP today...

Microsoft is going to stop selling XP today, despite many harsh words and revolts from PC users and consumers who rebelled against being forced to move to XP's successor- the ill-fated bloat-ware Vista.

Once PC giants like Dell and Hewlett Packard(HP) have run out of stock of computers with XP pre-installed, users who cant live without XP will have to buy Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate and will have to legally "downgrade" to XP. As posted earlier on this very same blog, Microsoft will still continue to support it's six-year old all-time seller XP until 2009 and limited support till 2014- which is good news, or so I guess.

This ought to cheer up the ultra-portable lovers- XP will still be available for all ultra-portable gadgets like the Asus EeePC. Microsoft also stated that it will allow small PC shop builders to resale till the end of January.

PS3 update 2.40 walkthrough Part:1

I hope this video is enough to satisfy your "In-game XMB access" anxiety because this video just about shows every feature of the upcoming 2.40 update for the PS3. The video is officially available at" or see the video here...

It is pretty easy to work with: click at any time on the PlayStation button and XMB will pop up on top of the game you are playing. From there you can do anything you can normally do in the main crossbar: read and send messages online, change games, activate your Bluetooth set, or change the game music soundtrack to your favorite music playlist. According to Eric, it will work in "the majority of games." But there is one hitch; if you have to watch a photo slideshow, you have to quit the game.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Intel backstabs Microsoft...

According to New York Times; Intel has decided not to upgrade its computers to 80,000Windows Vista. This sure must be bitter news to Microsoft. Microsoft might have made a wrong move which might be irreversible by launching the super-slow, bloated, ill-fated "junk PC". According to Times Reports:

"The company made its decision after a lengthy analysis by its internal technology staff of the costs and potential benefits of moving to Windows Vista, which has drawn fire from many customers as a buggy, bloated program that requires costly hardware upgrades to run smoothly."

Microsoft specially and specifically launched the "Vista capable PC" scheme to help Intel meet its quarterly earnings by selling older Intel chipsets that couldn't run Windows Vista properly.

For now, Windows 7 might be Microsoft's only hope.

Madden NFL 09

EA sure is hasty-especially when it comes to getting ready for the football season. On June 23, EA announced that Madden NFL will
available nation-wide on August 12. Sporting 85 new features and enhancements- like gameplay that adapts to any player's skill level, a new broadcast presentation from Cris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond and improved online leagues- this game is totally spruced up. This game will be available for the PS3, XBOX 360, PS2, DS and the XBOX.

Another version- NFL-09 All Play will be available for the Wii taking advantage of the Wii-mote.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer to see the release of Playstation Video Store...

Along with the 'Life With Playstation' concept, Kaz Kirai also has confirmed and re-confirmed that the PS3 will sport what is called a Playstation Video Store- which is similar to Xbox360's Microsoft Video Marketplace which was a huge success.A more official announcement will be made during the E3.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life With Playstation...

At the Sony Strategic Meeting in Tokyo, Sony unveiled a new application(or game or whatever you call it) which allows users to view the daily world via a virtual globe- which is similar to Nintendo's Wii Channel.

Called 'Life With Playstation'- you will able to pick up news pieces from around the globe from cities of your choice.The other feature which hints at a photo uploading tool is that there will 'Geo-tagged' pictures to be viewed on the globe(similar to Google Maps).It might be said that customization will its paramount popularity.

PSP update 4.01 is here at last!!!

Sony has released the long anticipated 4.01 update for the PSP with sterling features like 'Internet Search' and improved video playback for certain files. Also display of search results under some languages has improved. But, for most users only the first one is of any use. 'Internet Search' is a very useful feature as users don't have to fire up the browser, head over to and then search but can instantly search using the search feature.

Meanwhile, 2.40 update for the PS3 is expected to be released during the middle of E3.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

80 GB MGS4 bundle heading to North America...

Sony is struggling to keep up with the demand of 80 GBMGS4 bundles in the US!!! Sony has confirmed that fresh stock will arriving at stores soon."Due to overwhelming demand, the product is currently unavailable. The new estimated time of arrival date for when this will be available is the beginning of July"-a SonyStyle representative told a website.

It just goes to show how much people are craving for MGS4!

Cell processors in Toshiba laptops...!!!

The world's first set of laptops unveiled by Toshiba sport the powerful PS3 Cell processor- but to popularize it among users Toshiba has named the processor as "Toshiba Quad Core HD processor". If you still haven't caught my drift- the Cell processor was used in the PS3 and IBM's world's fastest super computer Road Runner which broke the petaflop barrier.

As per now, the three laptops from Toshiba incorporating the Cell processor technology are the Qosmio G55, Qosmio X305, Qosmio F55 which are designed for processor intensive applications like multimedia and gaming and should go on sale this summer! The X305 will also boast a nVidia 9800GTX graphics processor with 1GB VRAM!!! :)

Pre Evolution Soccer 09 announced!!

With the European Championships coming to an end;blockbuster MGS4 game maker Konami has announced Pro Evolution 09. This may only be good news to fans the Pro Evolution series who like the 08 version's stunning graphics; but for me there isn't anything much to it, but Konami promises "a raft of new additions" and "a graphical update to ensure its players look and move even more like their real-life counterparts. Needless to say the previous version exhibited some very good life-like fluid movements without any lag; but most of the users complained that there were many lags during online play.

With an expected release in Autumn, along-side with the release of a new FIFA title; I think it will be fun to watch the two titles battle it out for the best soccer game.

Monday, June 23, 2008

MGS4 is the last chapter in Solid Snake's story...Long Live Metal Gear!!!

If you want shock; take this-Metal Gear Solid 4 assistant producer Ryan Payton admitted that MGS4 is only the last chapter for Solid Snake but not for the whole series. "There are some misunderstandings that this is the final Metal Gear game," said Payton. "But it's really the final chapter of the Solid Snake story. That's all."

Rumours are already starting that any future Metal Gear titles are set to be prequels, in order to continue the series considering everything was so tightly wrapped up at the end of MGS4. Big Boss being the early favorite to claim a hefty amount of story time.

More Metal Gear goodness is fine with me, though I might not be able to get over the lack of Snake.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

MGS4=hot cakes in Japan...

Metal Gear Solid 4 is selling like hot cakes in Japan and has stormed right to the top of the Japanese all format charts, managing to shift almost half a million copies in its first few days on sale.
With a staggering total sales figures of 465,000.

Meanwhile, Mario Kart sells a meager 38,000 copies.

Safe to say that Konami are delighted with the hefty sales figures all around the world. These big companies do like their big pots of cash after all. I like to imagine them storing all their money in huge space stations because it's just too much to hold on earth. But then some of my fantasies can be a little odd.

Rock On MGS4....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Two new domains from Yahoo!

Even though there isn't much hype to this;it's worth mentioning that has Yahoo! has launched two new domains: and to make available millions of accounts to new users.
Yahoo!Mail, launched in 1997, has about 260 million users worldwide, so when creating a new account, people have to get very creative to hit upon an available address, often ending up with one that is convoluted and hard to remember.

"We have a lot of e-mail addresses out there, and we want to make available more attractive ones," said John Kremer, Yahoo Mail vice-president.

Thus, starting Thursday and for the first time, the service will offer addresses in two other domains besides and

If they find an address they like better, users with existing accounts in Yahoo! Mail or other webmail service will be able to migrate their messages and contacts to accounts in the new domains, he said.

Accounts in the two new domains will work in exactly the same way as addresses. Yahoo! expects to activate sign-ups globally for the two new domains at around midday Thursday.As with, people will be able to sign up for addresses with country-specific extensions of the two new domains. is a domain Yahoo! has never used, while belonged to the e-mail provider Yahoo! acquired in 1997 and re-launched later as Yahoo !Mail.

Mozilla Firefox 3.0 sets a new world record....downloaded 8.5million times on the first day!!!

In the first 24 hours the web browser was available the software was downloaded more than eight million times, says its creator Mozilla.

Statistics from the download servers are being scrutinized to produce an official figure that will be passed to the Guinness World Record organization.

The attempt to set the download record was scheduled to begin at 1300 PST(2000 GMT) on 17 June.

However, the record attempt was almost wrecked from the start as the servers handling the downloads collapsed under the weight of visitors checking to see if new version was available.Once the servers were up and functioning normally again the record attempt began.

At their busiest the servers were handling more than 9,000 downloads per minute. Within five hours the number of downloads for Version 3.0 exceeded the 1.6 million set by Firefox 2.0 in October 2006.

In total Firefox 3.0 was downloaded 8.3 million times over the 24 hour record setting period. The figure beats the five million Mozilla predicted before the day.

Logs from the download servers have been handed to the at Open Source LabsOregon State University for auditing. The scrutiny will ensure duplicate and unfinished downloads are not counted. The verification process could take a week to complete.

The surge of interest in Firefox 3.0 has continued and Mozilla has reported that the software has now been downloaded more than 10 million times.

DV Labs/Tipping Point reported a flaw only five hours after debuted. The flaw potentially lets an attacker take over a Firefox 3.0PC if a user clicks on a booby-trapped link.

Bugs in Firefox 3.0 already?!!! Oh No...

Security researchers at Tipping Point have found a vulnerability in the new Firefox 3.0 web browser already, ranking the severity of the bug as 'high'.

Tipping Point has verified the bug and reported it to Mozilla, and Mozilla is still working on a fix and till the fix is released, the researchers won't share details about the problem.

Despite ranked the severity of the vulnerability as high, Tipping Point said users would have to click on a link in an e-mail or visit a malicious web page before being affected. The issue affects users of Firefox 3.0 as well as Firefox 2.0.

Tipping Point found out about the vulnerability through its Zero Day Initiative, which lets researchers earn cash by submitting new vulnerabilities to the company. Once Tipping Point validates the issue, it pays the researcher for the information and notifies the relevant software vendor of the technical details.

Mozilla did not respond to a request for comment.

A PSP Loco Roco sequel on the way? Maybe...

Speaking to industry mag MCV, it seems that Sony have let slip on the upcoming release of a sequel to the much adored PSP title LocoRoco.

A pretty bland hint indeed,but is obviously fantastic news for those of us who adored the original-which should be pretty much every PSP owner out there.

With the PSP selling like hot cakes in Japan especially, a healthy set of releases towards the end of the year could see the slinky hand held become the gift to be given to anyone. And with LocoRoco 2 on the way, that's a major step in the right direction.

Will post if more news is out...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The all new Shelfari...

For those of you who don't know what Shelfari is, here's the catch-it is an online book shelf where you can-review books,add books to your shelf and do much more. Now Shelfari is all revved up and it's new theme is very pleasing with a wooden background.

Here's a list of what's new:

What's New page:What's New is your new home page in My Shelfari. Here you’ll see your new notes, friend requests, group invitations as well as what your friends are reading, the books they’ve just reviewed and new member comments on your books.

Pending Requests:If you're the type who likes to take your time accepting friend and group requests, you’ll love this feature. If you ignore a friend request, we'll just move it to a pending requests area in the right column. The requests will be stored here until you accept or decline them. You can also accept or decline all requests from this page. Now you can take your time deciding who you want to add without worrying about your home page getting cluttered. Your questions are in the right column too, so you can easily track your responses and see when a friend sends you a new question.

My Reviews:To see all your reviews in one place, just hover over your profile tab in My Shelfari and look for "My Reviews". From here you can see who replied to each review and how many community votes your reviews have earned. You can also browse other members reviews the same way. Visit a member’'s profile and hover over the profile tab and click "Reviews". You can vote for your friends reviews right from their reviews page!

New Ratings:The old star ratings were a little on the small side. So, the new Shelfari has an updated ratings site-wide with larger, shinier stars that make it easier to remove your rating if you make a mistake. Friend ratings are still orange and your ratings are still green which makes it easy to spot your content anywhere on the site.

Bigger Photos:Member photos and book covers are a lot bigger in most places. Thanks to those of you who asked about it. They look great!

Spore Creature Creator-Now In India...

Will Wright and Maxis, makers of The Sims, present the next big bang—SPORE .

The SPORE Creature Creator is the world’s introduction to this amazing and innovative new franchise.

SPORE™ Creature Creator is a powerful yet easy-to-use creation tool that anyone with a PC and a mouse can enjoy.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can assemble your creature from a wide range of parts. How do you feel about tentacles? Why only two eyes? Pull and stretch those parts exactly as you choose, then paint your creature with unique colors and patterns—this truly unprecedented level of flexibility lets you make a limitless number of fun creatures.

Bring those creatures to life—see how they dance, strike a pose, and much more. In just a few minutes, anyone can easily make incredible animated creatures. You can share your favorites with friends using simple built-in tools, then visit the SPORE™ website and look at all the other cool creatures your friends and people all around the world are making—and then pull them into your SPORE Creature Creator and play with their creations! What you create is entirely up to you—with SPORE , the only limit is your imagination.


BUILD using 228 drag-and-drop, flexible parts (Trial edition contains 25% of the Creature Creator parts)

PAINT with unique patterns, make your creature stand out in a crowd and unique

PLAY with your creature as it comes to life with dances, poses, and emotions, and different backgrounds

SHARE your creation using built-in snapshot and video tools—make your creature a star

Dell goes green!!!

Dell recently released its Energy Smart Vostro 410 desktop, designed exclusively for small businesses. The starts at Vostro 410Rs.32,900 and saves customers up to 47 percent in annual energy costs.

“With the Energy Smart Vostro desktop, we’re able to save our customers money and collectively cut down on emissions, while delivering the features and functionality they require - especially high-performance processing power, graphics technology, fast networking and maximum expandability"-CO2Pradeep Natarajan, General Manager was quoted saying.

The Vostro 410 comes with Intel Core 2 Quad processors, 512MB graphics cards and 800MHz system memory. A larger “tower” design to allow the desktop to grow according to business needs with space for up to four hard drives vs. two in the Vostro 400 and up to 3 TB of local storage and 4 GB of memory. It has Gigabit Ethernet for fast wired network access.In addition, Vostro customers can take advantage of Dell’s new services portfolio, ProSupport, which gives them the ability to customize and tailor services to fit their technical expertise and business needs.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ubuntu´s new release 8.04 complimented by Firefox 3.0´s release-Insight

Ubuntu´s latest release-the 8.04 version of the popular open source OS is complimented by the release of the final version of FireFox 3.0. This is a great joy for Linux users(including me)!

While FireFox is known for blocking viruses and keeping users safe;Ubuntu is known for its robust,very reliable and secure Open Source OS. The version comes with 8.04Open Office 2.4 which is capable of reading .docx! The Hardy Heron version sports the clean yet organized interface which the version had! It is also all the more aesthetically pleasing with Gutsy GibbonCompiz Fusion turned on(Compiz + Beryl = Compiz Fusion)! As it does always-it comes with Totem movie player. For email purposes you get Evolution mail which is similar to Microsoft´s Outlook. In the Examples folder in Home,there is a video showing an interview with Africa´s icon of freedom-Nelson Mandela!

To install the OS it only takes a few minutes opposed to the long 45 minutes/30 minutes for XP/Vista to install. When booting from disc,you first get into the OS-even before you install it-where you can experiment with its features and then install it if you wish! As always all Linux OSs are free of cost and so is this....

Keep up the good work Red Hat...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

NPD results are in: PS3 back on top of Xbox 360

ps3-8.jpgPlayStation 3 has reclaimed the top spot in May, topping the Xbox 360 hardware sales by a cool 20,000 units. According to NPD data, Sony managed to shift 208,700 PS3s, while Microsoft lingered on 186,000 units.

May's results are particularly interesting as they demonstrate just how many units the long, long awaited Grand Theft Auto sequel managed to shift. The answer in both cases is basically 'not a hell of a lot'.

Sony is up on its lackluster performance in April, but an extra 20,000 units basically means that probably only a fraction of people who bought GTA IV used it as a specific reason to pick up a console. Guess it wasn't quite the system seller it was supposed to be.

You can guess who won the GTA IV units competition. Xbox's version of the game racked up nearly double the number of sales over the PS3 version, which is a victory for them considering PlayStation's close ties with former entries in the GTA series, but not entirely unexpected given Microsoft's ongoing hardware lead in the region.

Sony will, however, need more than a few months of topping Xbox 360's hardware sales by 20k units if it's to claw back that lead advantage.

The Road Runner-the world´s fastest super computer.......

Less than a week after Los Alamos National Laboratory's Roadrunner supercomputer began operating at world-record petaflop-per-second data-processing speeds, Los Alamos researchers are already using the computer to mimic extremely complex neurological processes.

The prefix "peta" stands for a million billion, also known as a quadrillion. For the Roadrunner supercomputer, operating at petaflop/s performance means the machine can process a million billion calculations each second. In other words, Roadrunner ¨gives scientists the ability to quickly render mountainous problems into mere molehills, or model systems that previously were unthinkably complex.¨

Late last week and early this week while verifying Roadrunner's performance, Los Alamos and IBM researchers used three different computational codes to test the machine. Among those codes was one dubbed "PetaVision" by its developers and the research team using it.

To date, computers have been unable to match human performance on such visual tasks as flawlessly detecting an oncoming automobile on the highway or distinguishing a friend from a stranger in a crowd of people. ¨Roadrunner is now changing the game.¨

Monday, June 9, 2008

Macbook Air's rival-Thinkpad X300-Review

This super sleek,speedy laptop costs Rs 1,45,000! Sporting a Intel Core 2 Duo L7100 clocked at 1.2Ghz, 2GB of RAM, and an Intel's GMA X3100 video chip-this laptop is a performance pig.

A factor which might be an advantage for some users and a disadvantage for some users is that it houses a 64GB Samsung SSD(Solid-State-Drive). The advantage is that Vista boots up in a mere 37 seconds and Office applications start almost instantly! The disadvantage is that if you are a multimedia enthusiast, this piece isn't for you-because you might hog up all the 64GB of hard disk space in less than a month! Also it has a very sturdy carbon-fiber reinforced casing which is seen in almost all Thinkpad laptops.

Under moderate usage the 6-cell battery lasts up to 4 hrs-which is quite good. When it comes to keyboards; Thinkpad laptops are very renowned and this is no exception! With well spaced out keys-the response is very good. One good feature is that this laptop has a 'Trackpoint' and a 'Touchpad'! It even has options for GPS, wireless WAN and wireless USB-although these facilities aren't available in India yet.

A mere 12.5 inches wide, 9 inches long and 0.7 inches thick-this laptop is a very good alternative/rival for the Macbook Air.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Windows XP deadline extended..

Yes you heard it right...XP is going to be here till June 30,2010...(only for UMPCs or Ultra Portable Computers)or a year after Windows 7 releases-which ever comes first. Microsoft also hinted that the much touted Windows 7 will be releasing in 2009! Even though Microsoft said that it release Windows 7 after a full three years after the launch of Vista;Microsoft chairman Bill Gates in Miami said that they would release Windows 7 in 2009-which I believe Microsoft is doing to make up with the heavy losses they encountered with Vista.

Fifa09=50,000 tactics??-Preview

The happening thing in the web is that game maker giant-EA is set to release FIFA 09-but I know not when. EA boasts that FIFA 09 has roughly 50,000 combinations.Lead producer David Rutter says "There are roughly 50,000 possible combinations. That's not really doing it justice. The point is there are over 40 different defensive ways to play and over 500 attacking ways." That's not doing any justice? Is he joking?

According to Rutter "the AI will do it too, so if you play Man Utd and they go a goal down, they're gonna change to try to get a goal back." Try to get a goal back? So the AI(artificial intelligence) changes tactics during the game depending on the situaions? GREAT-now we have no hope of winning even a single match!

Just imagine how difficult it would be to even a single match-or if you turn the table around-how "easy" it would be to win a match? Well keep dreaming..........

Friday, June 6, 2008

Power bills=Sky High? Solution: TURN OFF YOUR GAME CONSOLE!!!

Are your power bills sky-high? Do you own a game console! Its the culprit!!!Really!!! A test ran by an Aussie shows that if you left your PS3 on for a full year it would cost you a gazillion 10,647 Rs!!! Surely thats a lot!Of course nobody would leave their PS3s on for a full year-but it just goes to show that the PS3 is the power-bill-culprit consuming a tremendous 195 and above watts when under full load!!!

Well don't be surprised-because even the Xbox-360 is no exception costing a hefty
8,311 Rs(for a full year)!!! Well the humble Wii only costs a meager 1006 Rs :)!!!

Here's another fact-the PS3 is the most energy wise console among the lot(with it's back switch on) and the Wii to be console consuming the power with Connect24 on!!!

So since you have a solution-AdiĆ³s!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Flock web browser-review

IE and Mozilla Firefox are the world's most popular web browsers and as these two browsers battle it out for the best browser stature, other social web browsers like Flock might prove a competitor one day!

Even though Flock starts a little too late after you click the button,it provides many cool features like built-in photo uploader and offline/online blog editor! It sports a very 21st century look which might please some. You can customize bookmarks by using tags and you can access/create an account with the most popular sites like Twitter and Piczo-all from a sidebar named 'Accounts and Services Sidebar'!You also get what is known as a 'Media Bar' and also a 'Web Clipboard'.

All the dialog boxes are ditto like that of Firefox's-so there isn't anything new there. Just as Firefox and IE you can get 'extensions' and 'add-ons'. Most of you would have noticed that if you had tweak Firefox's settings to improve surfing speed you had to type 'about:config' in the address bar.Similarly in Flock if you type 'about:World' in the address bar or click the 'My World' button-a new tab opens in which you can view feeds,or access 'Facebook'/'Flickr' accounts or watch some videos.

According to my opinion Flock is a very good browser! Really-you should try it!

Here's the link:

Iron Man game-review

Based on the block buster movie Marvel Studios,Iron Man comes the Iron Man game. Even though Iron Man doesn't showcase PS3's and Xbox-360's true graphical capabilities, it is an action packed game.

In the game you can customize Iron Man with upgrades you unlock as you progress in the game-like upgraded thrusters etc. In the game,you will have to fight jets,tankers and Super Villains! You fight everyone with a One man army! 

Iron Man has many bugs/glitches-the worst one being that Iron Man never actually stands on the ground;if you have played the game you would have observed that he stands a few millimeters above the ground. Now many of you might say he is hovering but not really-because if he was hovering on the ground he would be slightly bobbing up and down like a cork is placed on water. Yet the game provides a good battle experience. The coolest part of the game is flying at supersonic speed and evading the missiles coming at you! That is really fun!

In the end,all I have to say is that Iron Man packs a good punch lets you have some memorable experiences with the game.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quick Heal Total Security 2008-Review

Quick Heal 2008 is an antivirus product of CAT Technologies and I have to say that it is a wonderful product!

When you first install Quick Heal 2008 it performs a thorough scan of your computer and is easy to install. It provides you with options to install firewall and many such features.Quick Heal 2008 is a strong competitor for both Kaspersky and Norton,and literally you receive updates everyday.

You can also perform a 'Native Scan' meaning the next time you boot your computer,before entering Windows Quick Heal performs a thorough scan which increases detection rates. Quick Heal 2008 also comes bundled with and 'Anti Root Kit' which detects malwares silently sitting in your computer.You can also use a feature of Quick Heal known as 'Window Spy' which when dragged and releases upon any .exe file or any file for that matter comes up with a window showing the file's details! Other such useful features are 'Track Cleaner' and 'Hijack Restore' and 'Advanced System Explorer'.

All in all it makes for a GREAT antivirus software!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4

Kojima productions is set to release Metal Gear Solid 4 or MGS4 on June 12 in the US but I have no idea as to when it is going to release in India.Kojima states that even the blu-ray disc drive which has a capacity of 50GB isn't enough to fit the whole game. This game is the best yet of the Metal Gear series ever and with its stunning graphics and great cast it lives up to the name of a tactical espionage game.

There are special bundles set to release in US and maybe in Europe just the same way GTAIV had special bundles.

In this installment of the Metal Gear series Snake is quite old and players will have to use stealth and melee combat tado progress in the game.

Snake wears a "Octocamo" suit which enables him to blend into any environment within a few seconds-this feature has returned from Metal Gear Solid 3 in a modified form. Metal Gear Solid 4 is DualShock 3 compatible-which Sony released until recently!

This game has recieved average scores 0f 9.5/10 to 9.0/10 from all magazines and this game is expected to boost PS3 sales tremendously!

Only time will tell!! :)

Speed up your PC!

Is your PC too slow-not able to run Windows Vista or is it not even able to perform everyday tasks? Well, my friend I have some solutions:

1)Firstly how much RAM do you have?-512MB or more is enough of Windows XP but nowadays even that is too I suggest you have you have at least 1GB of RAM or a minimum of 2GB of RAM if you run Windows Vista.

2)A new hard disk. Nowadays new hard disks have a greater hard drive access speed which MIGHT improve your system performance.

3)If you are using Windows Vista,turn off all the eye-candy features like desktop composition and Aero which really boosts your system performance.

4)The main component on which a PC's or a laptop's performance depends on is the processor-usually an AMD DUAL CORE(X2) or an INTEL CORE 2 DUO does the job.

5)If you own a laptop and it doesn't bother you being a spendthrift,then go to battery settings and switch  to MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE-but be careful as this might drain your laptop's battery faster than usual!

6)A graphics card! Yes you heard me right,spending on a good graphics card can REALLY boost your system performance ESPECIALLY if you are using VISTA!

I hope you find the tips useful.

Create a perfect blog...

Many of us are most of times bored...right? So,the best way to pass time is to blog. Here are some tips to create a blog which might appeal to some users....

1)Use high contrast backgrounds which make your blog easy to read. Usually black and white is a good combination.

2)DO NOT overload your blog with too much media like ads and images-because this might put off some users as the blog might take too much time to load.

3)Get to the point and try to be descriptive at times.

4)If you want your blog to generate money you should post ads-but not too many. Google's AdWords is a good start for newbies.

5)Be consistent. Keep creating blogs everyday so that it will make readers to return to your blog.

6)You can use different templates to make your blog good. Usually a template matching the theme of your blog will be good,but remember; a very snazzy one will make it hard for everyone to read your blog!

Follow these tips to create a content-rich blog...

The best game console ever....

The Xbox 360 is a Microsoft product and as you would expect the Dashboard(or the Xbox's basic interface) is very smooth and intuitive whereas the PS3's XMB or X-cross media bar is simple yet easy navigate. The PS3's background which changes color according to the time of the day appeals to many users.

Even though Microsoft charges gamers to play their games online the Xbox Live has a large community,but the PS3's Playstation Network is fast catching up with its free service.

One advantage with the PS3 is that Sony is releasing updates for the Ps3 just as the same way it is for the PSP which adds some very cool features. One of the best features of the PS3 which I liked is REMOTE PLAY which allows users to access their PS3s from anywhere in the world through internet or to access the PS3 without turning on their TV sets-this is a very good feature which I believe Sony has really worked upon. Xbox too has some nifty features like being able to play streamed media from your Media Center PC. Both the Xbox and the PS3 support High-Definition output even though none of them come bundled with HDMI cables.

At first Sony released what is known as a "SIXAXIS controller" adds a functionality by which you can swing the controller or so to move the character-but many gamers grumbled because Sony had not added rumble support. Finally after a long time Sony released the Dual Shock 3 which adds rumble in addition to the sixaxis functionality.

The Xbox controller has  a very cool feature by which users can connect a headphone to the jack which is in the controller itself-or connect a mini keyboard while chatting. Although none of these accessories come bundled with the console itself they are selling like hot cakes.

Both the consoles have a very fast processor which surpass the ones in any commercial PCs. Microsoft's Xbox has a ATI graphics card whereas the PS3 has a Nvidia graphics card.

All we can say now is ...LET THE BATTLE CONTINUE!!!