Monday, June 30, 2008

Microsoft to stop selling XP today...

Microsoft is going to stop selling XP today, despite many harsh words and revolts from PC users and consumers who rebelled against being forced to move to XP's successor- the ill-fated bloat-ware Vista.

Once PC giants like Dell and Hewlett Packard(HP) have run out of stock of computers with XP pre-installed, users who cant live without XP will have to buy Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate and will have to legally "downgrade" to XP. As posted earlier on this very same blog, Microsoft will still continue to support it's six-year old all-time seller XP until 2009 and limited support till 2014- which is good news, or so I guess.

This ought to cheer up the ultra-portable lovers- XP will still be available for all ultra-portable gadgets like the Asus EeePC. Microsoft also stated that it will allow small PC shop builders to resale till the end of January.

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