Monday, September 29, 2008

Nero's new LiquidTV can turn your PC into a T.V.

Reminds you about TiVo right? Well, in all aspects it is...except that it has some more new features, like:
  1. Ability to export recorded media to portable devices(PSP too may be)
  2. Formats supported are: '.tivo', MPEG-2, MPEG-4,  AVI, WMV and you have the ability to burn-to-DVD
Retailing for $119.99 in the U.S/Canada, you also get a one year subscription to TiVo. You will need a dual-core processor, which goes without saying- that is, if you are an enthusiasist. For any normal consumer, who doen't prefer HD signals...any modern processor would do. As for hard disk space, you will at the least want a minimum 40 gigabytes of storage.

Nintendo DS to be reborn

The Nintendo DS is going to be given a new life...this time with the sense of sight and hearing! Yes, the new DS is going to double up as a music player and a camera! Nintendo has stated thatthe new DS will be released before the end of this year although the giant hasn't hinted anything about the new DS's release in othe regions. Reports offer a convincing a hint that the new DS will have larger screen and will more easy to connect with the Wii-the gaming console counterpart. After since, there haven't any more rumours about the larger screens. Nintendo fans will be sure hoping that this is true.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Limited edition LEGO Batman Bundle PS2 on shelves NOW!

LEGO Batman: The Videogame PS2 bundle is now available at retail. You can find it at all major retailers for $149.99 . This is a bundle that is perfect for families and comic enthusiasts alike.

The bundle includes:
  • The Black PS2 system
  • DUALSHOCK 2 Controller(DS2)
  • LEGO Batman: The Video Game - The fun of LEGO, the drama of Batman and the uniqueness of the combination make for a comical and exciting adventure to save Gotham City. Fight the mayhem as super-heroes Batman and Robin, or spread anarchy as one of the city’s many super-villains…all in LEGO form.
  • Justice League: The New Frontier - Based on Darwyn Cooke’s award-winning graphic novel, this thrilling adventure reveals the origin of the Justice League.
Limited supply, mind you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm going Home next month! No, wait; Home is coming next month!

Yes, you heard that right my friend- the much awaited Home is coming next month! Well that's how it looks. Posting on the Home beta message boards in response to a bug , Home Manager "TedtheDog" wrote that the bug should get fixed with the next system software update.

 "2.5 is what we're waiting for and 'October' is what I've heard, later October is my guess."  According to the post, Home 1.00 would come bundled with the firmware update, and it sounds like there's a good chance that Home 1.00 will be the first full release.

Home is a next-gen virtual world where gamers from different regions of the world can meet, share media and stuff. It's similar to Second-Life from Linden Labs except for the part that Home hosts next-gen graphics and that it is exclusively for our beloved PlayStation 3!!! I can't wait for it to release! Every user gets his/her own apartment which can spruced up by decorating it with some basic furniture available for free or pay and download new exquisite furniture! Well, I'll go for the stripped down version anyways... So, lets cross our fingers and just hope that it does release in October. Til then, tata!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Intel to officially ship dual-core Atom

Intel is dominating the world of the netbook with its Atom processor(single core). The processor running at 1.6GHz speed powers the vast majority of netbooks that are available to purchase right now. The tiny chip is absolutely perfect for the netbook market thanks to its low cost and low power requirements.

It's no secret that Intel is bringing new Atom processors to market for the low-cost computer segment. Intel announced that its dual-core Atom processor is now shipping. The part is known as the Intel Atom Processor 330. The dual-core processor cores run at 1.6GHz and have 1MB of L2 cache.

The processor has an 8W TDP and supports DDR2 667 RAM. Intel says that the new Atom is available as an integrated package and has been validated with the Intel 945GC Express chipset. The chipset features integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 950 and Intel High Definition Audio.

DailyTech reported in mid-August that Intel was going to be releasing its dual-core Atom precessor and Intel sure did; just a few days before September end. Intel is still having shortages of its single-core Atom processors in the channel.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mercenaries2 on PSN this Thursday

Mercenaries 2 has been garnering quite some attention...and mixed reviews too! Scores of the game run from a highly respectable B+ from 1UP and a slightly less respectable 5/10 from Eurogamer. If sandbox destruction and explosions are your thing, then you might be interested to know that you'll get the chance to try for yourself, with a demo scheduled to appear on the PSN on Thursday.

Despite its mixed reception, Mercenaries2 has done pretty well at retail in the UK and topped charts last week. The original as definitely a solid little title, featuring a welcome spin on the open-world model. Being able to blow up almost anything in sight was an undeniable draw. Given what seems to be a solid retail debut, a third part is looking increasingly likely.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A new nex-gen speaker from Sony!

Sony has developed next-generation prototype speakers that hang from a ceiling or come with an entire home audio system built-into the base, utilizing the same technology in its distinctiveSountina .

The two working prototypes were unveiled Wednesday at a Sony event in Tokyo held for electronics retailers and its dealers. Like the Sountina, they emit sound from long, glass tubes, saidNobukazu Suzuki, an acoustic system engineer in Sony's audio business group and developer of the speakers.

Also like the recently-launched Sountina, the glass tube in the prototypes is energized by small drive devices that couple with the tube and vibrate vertically. Waves travel up through the tube and are dispersed in a 360 degree spread horizontally from the tube. What all this means is that sound spreads out from the tube in a uniform manner and can be heard equally well from any position around it.

The hanging speaker, dubbed "Hibiki," looks like a stylish light and is envisaged as something that could be positioned over a table or in a room where it could hang without looking like a speaker, said Suzuki.

The second prototype, named "Kanade," is an upright speaker not dissimilar to the Sountina only smaller and not as imposing. Just under the speaker a digital audio player is integrated into the device so the unit can function as an all-in-one audio system with nothing but a power cable required.

Technology development of both devices is complete, so the biggest hurdle standing between them and the store shelf is a marketing decision. That's something that Sony hasn't yet taken so there's no word on when or if they might ever become products.

Sony's NSA-PF1 Sountina, which was unveiled in May, went on sale in Japan in June at the premium price of ¥1 million (US$9,295)(Rs 422113). It's also becoming available in major markets around the world.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Blu-ray's demise around the corner: Samsung

In a recent interview, the director of consumer electronics at Samsung UK, Andy Griffiths, has put a 5 year limit on the next-gen media format war victor. That's not even as long as the PS3's anticipated shelf life and puts a gloomy future on the thriving format.

"I think it [Blu-ray] has 5 years left, I certainly wouldn't give it 10," Griffiths said. Great, now Samsung is now on Toshiba's side!

Being a seller of stand alone Blu-ray players by itself, I don't think they will make mcuh profit by shooing away their customers.

On the upside, 2008 is going to be a good year for the format, Griffiths reckons[I hope he one day becomes a forcaster!], citing rental services like LoveFilm which have adopted the disc format and are offering a clear path for Blu-ray adoption.

SCEE to release a PSN tri game pack in 1 UMD for PSP

SCEE has announced plans to release a pack of three PSN titles on UMD under the name 'PlayStation Network Collection - Power Pack'.

The Power Pack will contain Beats, Syphon Filter: Combat Ops and flOw. It will be available in October when the new re-maked PSP will be launched. It will be joined by 'PlayStation Network - Puzzle Pack' which includes Lemings, Go! Sudoku and Go! Puzzle. More are in the works, and will be revealed just as Sony can come up with a few more alliterations.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Official headset for PS3

Over at the PS BlogAnand Agarwal-Product Manager for PlayStation Peripheralsinformed us that the headset will be offered in one retail version of SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals Confrontation(this October). The headset was unvieled during the SOCOM Media Day. There are a host of features which interested me. Here they are...nah, just forget it...head over for a list of all the features. Just too tired to post them here. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

LittleBigPlanet Beta opening this month!

LittleBigPlanet developer, Media Molecule, is opening an "all but complete" version of the game to beta testing later this month, a post on PlayStation forum revealed. Although the game is not due for full release until October 24th, some lucky people will soon be getting early access to as I mentioned before, an "all but complete" version. Sadly, spaces are going to be few and far between but they'll be looking at "the sharing, uploading, downloading and multiplayer server side of the game before it launches to ensure that under a large number of users it does everything it is supposed to."

You'll be able to spot the former beta testers come launch day as they'll be the ones whipping up lifelike representations of the Mona Lisa propelled by hundreds of independently controlled tentacle arms and laser-eyes within ten minutes of the servers going online.

Mirror's Edge exclusive downloadable content on PS3

Sony has revealed that EA and DICE's free-running FPS, Mirror's Edge, will be getting an exclusive set of DLC on PSN.  "PlayStation has an exclusive marketing agreement with EA regarding the title. Exclusive downloadable content will be offered on the PlayStation Network."-EuroGamer.

Rumours of PS3 getting a timed-exclusive of the full game were rubbished, paving the way for a simultaneous PS3, PC and Xbox 360 release in... well, we don't know when yet. Suffice to say it probably won't be this year.

Oddly though, now that this agreement is in place, I'm not sure I want it. Mirror's Edge doesn't strike me as a game that will really benefit from DLC. You can bet also that if EA were prepared to sign away exclusivity to PSN, it probably won't be a selection of purchasable add-on episodes as GTA IV does. It alo isn't entirely clear whether the other platforms will simply be getting their own downloadable content too.

Either way, there just doesn't seem to be any decent reason why playing exclusivity off against different sets of gamers is particularly beneficial to the players. It is appealing if you're getting paid $50m for it though, I suppose.

A new contender for the Browser throne!-Google Chrome

Sounds kind of rhyming doesn't it? Well, that's Google's Chrome! The new light weight browser with a hoard of new features which will blow you away-features that have never been thought of before!
  • The 'Omnibar': The 'Omnibar' is nothing but a simple address bar right? Well, think again my friend! You can use this box to search the web, search your history and use it as an address bar as well as get suggestions as you type! Pretty neat,huh?
  • The revamped 'Tab' page: Similar to the one seen in Opera, every time you open a new tab(untitled) you can see your recent bookmarks on the right, and you recently visited websites(a thumbnail of the website shows up) which takes the center stage!
  • Application Shortcuts: This feature blew me away! You can create shortcuts to your favourite sites on your desktop, which when double-clicked takes you to that website! Pretty nicely thought out, I would say!
  • Dynamic tabs: You can rearrange the tabs by dragging them, group similar tabs into a new window and so on. All this-quickly and easily.
  • Crash control: Every tab you're using is run independently in the browser, so if one app crashes it won't take anything else down!
  • Incognito mode: When in this mode, which ever sites you visit do not show up in the History. Any under cover agent out there?
  • Enhanced security: Google Chrome constanly downloads two lists; the first list for 'Phishing' and the second list for 'Malware'. Son if you unexpectedly stumble upon any malware site or so, Chrome wil lwarn you! 
  • Instant bookmarking: To bookmark a web page all you have to do is click on the star button on the top-left of the 'Omnibar'- and you're done!
  • Importing settings: You can import all your settings(not only your bookmarks) from your previous browser!
  • Download manager free downloads: Everytime you download something, you don't have to chech the download manager for the status of your downloads, instead they just show up at the bottom of the current window!
A host of good features,eh?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Life With P(de)laystation

Have you heard of Life With PlayStation? Well, I haven't. Wait, a sec; isn't it an application that's supposed to be Wii News Channel knock-off? I thought it released in July. It didn't? It hasn't yet? Oh man! that's a bummer!

Yes that's right, Life With PlayStation is delayed again! I don't even know why Sony is pushing this product so much, nobody is interested in this sorta thing. I have observed in the comments in many websites, that many have not even heard about it! Seriously, if Sony wants this concept to be a hit, it has reach out to the gamers around the world and not just sit around.