Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Iron Man game-review

Based on the block buster movie Marvel Studios,Iron Man comes the Iron Man game. Even though Iron Man doesn't showcase PS3's and Xbox-360's true graphical capabilities, it is an action packed game.

In the game you can customize Iron Man with upgrades you unlock as you progress in the game-like upgraded thrusters etc. In the game,you will have to fight jets,tankers and Super Villains! You fight everyone with a One man army! 

Iron Man has many bugs/glitches-the worst one being that Iron Man never actually stands on the ground;if you have played the game you would have observed that he stands a few millimeters above the ground. Now many of you might say he is hovering but not really-because if he was hovering on the ground he would be slightly bobbing up and down like a cork is placed on water. Yet the game provides a good battle experience. The coolest part of the game is flying at supersonic speed and evading the missiles coming at you! That is really fun!

In the end,all I have to say is that Iron Man packs a good punch lets you have some memorable experiences with the game.

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