Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The all new Shelfari...

For those of you who don't know what Shelfari is, here's the catch-it is an online book shelf where you can-review books,add books to your shelf and do much more. Now Shelfari is all revved up and it's new theme is very pleasing with a wooden background.

Here's a list of what's new:

What's New page:What's New is your new home page in My Shelfari. Here you’ll see your new notes, friend requests, group invitations as well as what your friends are reading, the books they’ve just reviewed and new member comments on your books.

Pending Requests:If you're the type who likes to take your time accepting friend and group requests, you’ll love this feature. If you ignore a friend request, we'll just move it to a pending requests area in the right column. The requests will be stored here until you accept or decline them. You can also accept or decline all requests from this page. Now you can take your time deciding who you want to add without worrying about your home page getting cluttered. Your questions are in the right column too, so you can easily track your responses and see when a friend sends you a new question.

My Reviews:To see all your reviews in one place, just hover over your profile tab in My Shelfari and look for "My Reviews". From here you can see who replied to each review and how many community votes your reviews have earned. You can also browse other members reviews the same way. Visit a member’'s profile and hover over the profile tab and click "Reviews". You can vote for your friends reviews right from their reviews page!

New Ratings:The old star ratings were a little on the small side. So, the new Shelfari has an updated ratings site-wide with larger, shinier stars that make it easier to remove your rating if you make a mistake. Friend ratings are still orange and your ratings are still green which makes it easy to spot your content anywhere on the site.

Bigger Photos:Member photos and book covers are a lot bigger in most places. Thanks to those of you who asked about it. They look great!

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