Monday, June 2, 2008

The best game console ever....

The Xbox 360 is a Microsoft product and as you would expect the Dashboard(or the Xbox's basic interface) is very smooth and intuitive whereas the PS3's XMB or X-cross media bar is simple yet easy navigate. The PS3's background which changes color according to the time of the day appeals to many users.

Even though Microsoft charges gamers to play their games online the Xbox Live has a large community,but the PS3's Playstation Network is fast catching up with its free service.

One advantage with the PS3 is that Sony is releasing updates for the Ps3 just as the same way it is for the PSP which adds some very cool features. One of the best features of the PS3 which I liked is REMOTE PLAY which allows users to access their PS3s from anywhere in the world through internet or to access the PS3 without turning on their TV sets-this is a very good feature which I believe Sony has really worked upon. Xbox too has some nifty features like being able to play streamed media from your Media Center PC. Both the Xbox and the PS3 support High-Definition output even though none of them come bundled with HDMI cables.

At first Sony released what is known as a "SIXAXIS controller" adds a functionality by which you can swing the controller or so to move the character-but many gamers grumbled because Sony had not added rumble support. Finally after a long time Sony released the Dual Shock 3 which adds rumble in addition to the sixaxis functionality.

The Xbox controller has  a very cool feature by which users can connect a headphone to the jack which is in the controller itself-or connect a mini keyboard while chatting. Although none of these accessories come bundled with the console itself they are selling like hot cakes.

Both the consoles have a very fast processor which surpass the ones in any commercial PCs. Microsoft's Xbox has a ATI graphics card whereas the PS3 has a Nvidia graphics card.

All we can say now is ...LET THE BATTLE CONTINUE!!!

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