Saturday, June 14, 2008

NPD results are in: PS3 back on top of Xbox 360

ps3-8.jpgPlayStation 3 has reclaimed the top spot in May, topping the Xbox 360 hardware sales by a cool 20,000 units. According to NPD data, Sony managed to shift 208,700 PS3s, while Microsoft lingered on 186,000 units.

May's results are particularly interesting as they demonstrate just how many units the long, long awaited Grand Theft Auto sequel managed to shift. The answer in both cases is basically 'not a hell of a lot'.

Sony is up on its lackluster performance in April, but an extra 20,000 units basically means that probably only a fraction of people who bought GTA IV used it as a specific reason to pick up a console. Guess it wasn't quite the system seller it was supposed to be.

You can guess who won the GTA IV units competition. Xbox's version of the game racked up nearly double the number of sales over the PS3 version, which is a victory for them considering PlayStation's close ties with former entries in the GTA series, but not entirely unexpected given Microsoft's ongoing hardware lead in the region.

Sony will, however, need more than a few months of topping Xbox 360's hardware sales by 20k units if it's to claw back that lead advantage.

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