Monday, June 2, 2008

Speed up your PC!

Is your PC too slow-not able to run Windows Vista or is it not even able to perform everyday tasks? Well, my friend I have some solutions:

1)Firstly how much RAM do you have?-512MB or more is enough of Windows XP but nowadays even that is too I suggest you have you have at least 1GB of RAM or a minimum of 2GB of RAM if you run Windows Vista.

2)A new hard disk. Nowadays new hard disks have a greater hard drive access speed which MIGHT improve your system performance.

3)If you are using Windows Vista,turn off all the eye-candy features like desktop composition and Aero which really boosts your system performance.

4)The main component on which a PC's or a laptop's performance depends on is the processor-usually an AMD DUAL CORE(X2) or an INTEL CORE 2 DUO does the job.

5)If you own a laptop and it doesn't bother you being a spendthrift,then go to battery settings and switch  to MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE-but be careful as this might drain your laptop's battery faster than usual!

6)A graphics card! Yes you heard me right,spending on a good graphics card can REALLY boost your system performance ESPECIALLY if you are using VISTA!

I hope you find the tips useful.

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