Friday, August 29, 2008

PSP 3001 has its own tricks up its sleeve

According to a source inside Best Buy, the new PSP-3000 model - recently announced and due in October - doesn't just offer good and improvised screen with better brightness and contrast and all-but also the feature to be compatible with PS3's controllers....the SIXAXIS and the DualShock3! Sorry, its not the PS3's controllers,..wait a sec, IT IS!

How would the chance to play your PSP games using a DualShock 3 or Sixaxis controller be? The new PSP is apparently going to be compatible with PS3 controllers. Sony is very innovative nowadays these days, don't you think? So obviously, that must mean that the new PSP has Bluetooth! This piece of news-that the new PSP is having Bluetooth has itself been vaguely rumoured before.

But wait - how would you hold the screen up so you could actually see it ? Not a problem - it's also going to output video via composite cable in 480i resolution.

I don't know, it sort of sounds plausible. Maybe. Certainly it's one way of overcoming the problem Sony has of everyone in Europe and the US thinking it's a bit over priced for a handheld with a not overwhelming brilliant games catalogue. So... turning it into a games console of its own is not a bad idea. Any officially confirmed statements will be posted. Stay tuned folks.

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