Thursday, August 21, 2008

160GB PS3 model for Europe in October!

Games Convention in Leipzig is exciting in its own way as Sony has unveiled yet another PS3 model. It is essentially the same as the 80GB and its predecessor, the 40GB, but has doubled the hard drive capacity again, taking it to 160GB.

It is due to launch on October 31st across Europe and is set to cost 449 Euros.The fact that Sony has generously made it so simple to replace PS3 hard drives up to any capacity you like makes it seem ridiculous to launch new models with larger HDDs, so to even it out, the 160GB will also come with 70 Euros worth of additional downloadable content. There's no indication as to what that is - it seems unlikely to be PSN games though. We'll be finding out somewhere closer to the October launch. UK may be lucky, with prices seem to be around 399.99 Pounds.

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