Monday, August 18, 2008

Maggie Q debuts in latest Need For Speed instalment...!

"Need for Speed Undercover features a deep and engaging story of spectacular Hollywood-style live-action that will transport players into the fictional world of the Tri-City Bay Area," said exec producer, Bill Harrison. "Working with talent the caliber of Maggie Q allows us to deliver an unparalleled level of storytelling that will keep players engaged in between 180-mile an hour races."

EA is now yelling at everybody that international movie star Maggie Q will lead the live-action sequences in the latest Need For Speed instalment 'Undercover' which is yet to release.

She plays as Federal Agent Chase Linh, "a seductive handler who recruits and guides players as they go undercover. Players will take on dangerous jobs and compete in races in order to infiltrate and takedown a ruthless international crime syndicate," says EA. The latest racing franchise instalment will hit stores on November 18 in the U.S.

EA CEO John Riccitiello said that the new game which has already started garnering attention will resemble 2005's Most Wanted; with car chases, underground racing and highway battles!

Well, nowadays EA is falling for hot Hollywood actresses I guess!

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