Friday, August 29, 2008

PS3 never to be successful-Howard Stringer

Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer had a light-hearted chat with German news source Welt Online. He revealed that the $3 billion spent on developing the PS3 probably won't be recovered; well, "Not for as long as I live" .

You've got to wonder at the enormous amount of money Sony spent on its console, even though we're now pretty happy with the end result. I'm not sure Sir Howard is not playing a hand close to his chest here. Sure, that $3billion is never going to earned from hardware sales of the PS3 - or at least not until it reaches PS2 levels of sales. Even though Sony won the latest high-definition format war(although Blu-ray hasn't pentrated the Media the way DVD did) it succeeded in the same way as DVD. The PS3 was absolutely fundamental to that victory and the revenue that it will generate for Sony in the long term can only be guessed at.

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