Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dad! Mummy is better on Blu-Ray than on Cinema! Dad, are you listening?

Mummy 3 Director reckons that the movie experience is considerably better on Blu-Ray than in theatres! This is huge complement I guess? In what way does it matter to you? It means Blu-Ray kicks HD DVD's arse!
This is apparent since when Blu-Ray won over the official Blu-Ray-HD DVD war and until Toshiba withdrew support from manufacturing HD DVD goods.

"Things that are dimensional, like the dragon lunging at the camera, in Blu-Ray really knock your head off because you are seeing all the details we put in it that are even a little better defined," said Rob Cohen, director of the third CGI -heavy Mummy cinematic debacle. "The dark/light values are better so you can be darker and still see all the detail."

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