Friday, August 22, 2008

NO more PS3 price drops for this year

SCEE president David Reeves, when quizzed by VG247, clearly stated "No," and added "We're not going to drop the price this year."

Is Reeves a liar? Maybe.. "No" really means "We aren't talking about it yet". Last year, Sony, having failed to drum up sufficient consumer enthusiasm from a semi-reduced bundle pack offering announced at E3 (a bit like this year's 80GB announcement for Europe), turned the PS3's ailing fortunes around in an instant by suddenly slashing prices with the 40GB model, announced in early October.

However, with PS3 roaring ahead at full speed, there's a lot less need for a dramatic, desperate price cut, so we're compelled to believe Reeves for now. This is a quiet time of year though - once the big three makers start playing their aces in the run up to Christmas, things might seem a lot different.

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