Thursday, August 21, 2008

October to see the wake of PSP-3000!

Sony has again proved to everyone that it is not be believed, as it recently confirmed that our beloved tiny PSP would be given an image make over! The PSP-3000 is a slight but significant tweak to the Slim and Light model. The new hardware now includes an integrated microphone and an improved LCD screen. They will be available in the usual black, silver or white.

David Reeves, head of Sony Europe, was keen to hype the latest model as more communications orientated. The addition of Skype and Go!Messenger in the past year have demonstrated the PSP's communications potential, but forcing users to buy additional headsets and mics has presumably not gone down so well. With a mic on board though, there should be better uptake of the services. It may also serve as incentive for developers to include more VoIP features in their games too.

The LCD screen is where the biggest single improvement is this time. Sony claims the screen quality has been enhanced to offer not just a wider colour gamut for better looking graphics, but also a sharper contrast and an anti-reflective coating to make it easier to see in natural light. One of main gripes has been the struggle to see the screen in sunlight - something the DS Lite manages - so this is a serious lure for me and a good incentive to upgrade from my old 1000 model.

The 3000 model is due out in October. For 199 Euros you'll get a PSP 3000 and either the Go!Communications software package, or Buzz!: Master Quiz, FIFA '09 or Harry Potter. UK price has been confirmed as 149.99 Pounds.

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