Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Little Big PLanet to feature "Copyright"

In an interesting interview over at Eurogamer with Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans, it came into light that a "Copyright" system(what devs refer o it as) will be incorporated in the game so that creative users can "protect" their creative in-game content.

If you turn on "Copyright" other players can come into your level, collect your item and use it in their own levels. However, because it is "Copyrighted", they won't be able to change it, edit it, or share it around themselves.

If you leave "Copyright" off, then anyone can come in, collect the object, play with it, adjust it to their tastes and share it to anyone they please. This means that your awesome creation can also go around the LBP community and finnaly become utterly ridiculous! All this depends on whether the "LBP community" will be a success(duh!)

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Anonymous said...

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