Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Update 2.40 stuns all...! :)

Update 2.40 released today by Sony has been delightfully welcomed by many and all. I turned on my PS3 and updated it with high hopes and anxiety that it would deliver the promises made...and it did!!! I was pleased to see that a clock on the top-right corner of the screen(the date and time format can also changed from the System Settings). For all you music lovers...a little cute mini-music-control-panel shows up when you play a song; using which you can shuffle-switch to the next and previous song-and stuff like that. This feature is the one that is going to steal the show-the feature which allows users to play music while playing games....which has been a feature long incorporated in the Xbox360. You can also turn off your PS3 system under the Users column, where you will find a power icon. Sony has also doubled the number of Friends you can add from 50 to 100. Users can also configure their Bluetooth headsets while playing a game by pressing the PS button which brings up the XMB, and then navigating to the System Settings and then configuring which ever options you need and you don't need.

Kudos to Sony for delivering such a never-before feature-rich update which has delighted many gamers like me.

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