Friday, July 11, 2008

$299 Xbox360 confirmed

After weeks of rumors, it is officially confirmed- that the Xbox360 Pro's(or Premium) price is going to slashed by $50. Wall Street Journal states that Microsoft will cut the price as soon as Sunday- the 13 of July-which may be to kick-off it's coming day's(July 14) presentation at E3 Media & Business Summit.

The cut in price could also attributed to the fact that the Xbox360 is lagging behind in console race. Yet everyone knows that the Xbox360(and the Wii) whacked the PS3's butt in 2007 in terms of sales. Whereas this year, thanks to the launch of the highly anticipated tactical espionage shooter- MGS4(and also due to Blu-ray's victory over HD-DVD) the tables are turned- Sony is way above the 360 in terms of sales(OK, I might be a little exaggerating) ...This is the second Microsoft has slashed the Xbox360's price since it's release in 2005.

However the WSJ did not mention whether the other models(namely the Elite and the Arcade) would receive similar price cuts.

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