Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Microsoft Xbox takes the Community road

At the E3 gaming summit in Los Angeles, Microsoft announced that it would 're-design' its online Xbox feature- the Xbox Live to focus more on building communities. Microsoft's Don Mattrick said the aim was to put the Xbox 360 "at the heart of the living room".

Also Mr.Mattrick predicted the Xbox 360 would outsell the PlayStation 3 worldwide in coming years. According to him the gaming industry is larger than the film industry and the music industry combined! He said: "We knew...someday our industry would be the biggest form of all entertainment. That day has arrived. Today our industry belongs to everyone. Games are now the leading driver of all industry spending, outselling music and outstripping box office revenue." You are absolutely right my friend, the gaming industry is going to poised to become a massive industry- you said it..!!

Microsoft according to many, is trying to emulate Nintendo Wii's success by targeting the casual gamers. Individual avatars- similar to the Wii's Mii is said to be added to the refreshed version of Xbox Live. The company also announced a social karaoke game, called Lips, which looks to capitalise on the success of Singstar on the PlayStation franchise.

Now, some of you might think Microsoft- apparently choice less- with no other option; is trying to copy it's rivals, but that is not so. According to Shane Kim, head of strategy and business development for Xbox, denied that the firm was copying its rivals- instead said "We're not claiming to invent music games, or avatars. But we're innovating by bringing something new to these games, and taking them to the next level." Microsoft also unveiled Xbox Live Prime Time, a new service which will introduce online quiz games made in conjunction with the TV giant Endemol. "This is a new category of games for the whole family," said John Schappert, head of Xbox Live. The press conference in Los Angeles was dominated by news of releases of some of the console's biggest franchises.

British developer Peter Molyneux announced that role playing game Fable II had finished development and would be released in October. Gears of War 2, from US developer Epic, is due for release in November while the latest incarnation of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XIII, will hit the Xbox 360 for the first time along with rival platform PlayStation 3.

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