Thursday, July 10, 2008

A brand new PS3 model in August?.....may be

A peek at a Wal-Mart gaming spreadsheet may just have spoiled Sony's big surprise for E3. According to this little list, the 40GB PS3 is to be replaced by a brand new model come August.

Now, on the one hand, maybe this is a sign that Sony have seen sense and decided to hand back our 'Backwards compatibility', and perhaps a heftier hard-drive....or, the much more likely theory, is that the 'new version' of the console will include the DualShock 3 rather than the Sixaxis. A bit dull yes, but thinking about things logically, it certainly seems the most likely option...or, apparently this new model is a 150GB PS3, complete with two DualShock 3 controllers, Home, and a demo of Killzone 2.

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