Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PS3 is a monster machine according to Hideo Kojima

Kojima states that the PS3 is a "monster machine". Maybe this opinion is the reason why MGS4 took such a long time to arrive.

Although the PS3 is performance rig and cannot be matched by any of today's "current-gen" PCs in terms of processing or graphical performance; Kojima's statement can be taken as an insult rather than a complement. Attributing to the fact that the game MGS4 took nearly four years to complete; and still came out a little late- the statement is surely an insult alright. Yes it is. Kojima also expressed his love for the joystick, keyboard, mouse and Wii controllers and expressed doubts about any new tech coming along to steal their place.

Now at least lets hope that the developers at Konami and Kojima himself have realized that drinking either Bournvita or Horlicks might boost their dev-intelligence.

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