Thursday, July 17, 2008

80GB PS3 model on it's way to Europe!!

Have you bought a PS3 already?- obviously YES....wait a haven't have you? Well then buckle up and be ready for August 27 because that's the day when the 80GB PS3 will finally hit Europe-really really hard.

The price you'll pay for an 80GB model is £299, or 399 euros(for the ones who are poor at currency conversion). On the other end of the table...if you are pondering what you would do if that 40GB extra hard disk space..oh! wait a second! you can download videos from the PlayStation Video Store!!! Right? Well, not's some bad news for you- Sony has confirmed that the Video Store won't be available for PAL regions any soon....however Howard Stringer has made the commitment that it will come to all regions in "due course". Blimey!

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