Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A new contender for the Browser throne!-Google Chrome

Sounds kind of rhyming doesn't it? Well, that's Google's Chrome! The new light weight browser with a hoard of new features which will blow you away-features that have never been thought of before!
  • The 'Omnibar': The 'Omnibar' is nothing but a simple address bar right? Well, think again my friend! You can use this box to search the web, search your history and use it as an address bar as well as get suggestions as you type! Pretty neat,huh?
  • The revamped 'Tab' page: Similar to the one seen in Opera, every time you open a new tab(untitled) you can see your recent bookmarks on the right, and you recently visited websites(a thumbnail of the website shows up) which takes the center stage!
  • Application Shortcuts: This feature blew me away! You can create shortcuts to your favourite sites on your desktop, which when double-clicked takes you to that website! Pretty nicely thought out, I would say!
  • Dynamic tabs: You can rearrange the tabs by dragging them, group similar tabs into a new window and so on. All this-quickly and easily.
  • Crash control: Every tab you're using is run independently in the browser, so if one app crashes it won't take anything else down!
  • Incognito mode: When in this mode, which ever sites you visit do not show up in the History. Any under cover agent out there?
  • Enhanced security: Google Chrome constanly downloads two lists; the first list for 'Phishing' and the second list for 'Malware'. Son if you unexpectedly stumble upon any malware site or so, Chrome wil lwarn you! 
  • Instant bookmarking: To bookmark a web page all you have to do is click on the star button on the top-left of the 'Omnibar'- and you're done!
  • Importing settings: You can import all your settings(not only your bookmarks) from your previous browser!
  • Download manager free downloads: Everytime you download something, you don't have to chech the download manager for the status of your downloads, instead they just show up at the bottom of the current window!
A host of good features,eh?

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