Wednesday, September 3, 2008

LittleBigPlanet Beta opening this month!

LittleBigPlanet developer, Media Molecule, is opening an "all but complete" version of the game to beta testing later this month, a post on PlayStation forum revealed. Although the game is not due for full release until October 24th, some lucky people will soon be getting early access to as I mentioned before, an "all but complete" version. Sadly, spaces are going to be few and far between but they'll be looking at "the sharing, uploading, downloading and multiplayer server side of the game before it launches to ensure that under a large number of users it does everything it is supposed to."

You'll be able to spot the former beta testers come launch day as they'll be the ones whipping up lifelike representations of the Mona Lisa propelled by hundreds of independently controlled tentacle arms and laser-eyes within ten minutes of the servers going online.

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