Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mirror's Edge exclusive downloadable content on PS3

Sony has revealed that EA and DICE's free-running FPS, Mirror's Edge, will be getting an exclusive set of DLC on PSN.  "PlayStation has an exclusive marketing agreement with EA regarding the title. Exclusive downloadable content will be offered on the PlayStation Network."-EuroGamer.

Rumours of PS3 getting a timed-exclusive of the full game were rubbished, paving the way for a simultaneous PS3, PC and Xbox 360 release in... well, we don't know when yet. Suffice to say it probably won't be this year.

Oddly though, now that this agreement is in place, I'm not sure I want it. Mirror's Edge doesn't strike me as a game that will really benefit from DLC. You can bet also that if EA were prepared to sign away exclusivity to PSN, it probably won't be a selection of purchasable add-on episodes as GTA IV does. It alo isn't entirely clear whether the other platforms will simply be getting their own downloadable content too.

Either way, there just doesn't seem to be any decent reason why playing exclusivity off against different sets of gamers is particularly beneficial to the players. It is appealing if you're getting paid $50m for it though, I suppose.

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