Saturday, November 15, 2008

The PlayStation Experience...

The experience at PlayStation Experience was really wonderful! It was houseful! The event started at around 11:45AM and went on till around 7:30PM. There were a lot of games on display including Killzone2! Among others were FIFA09, Mirror's Edge, Resistance2, MotorStorm Pacific Rift and many more including Buzz! and SingStar

I got a hands-on experience with Killzone2 and I must say I was really satisfied! The textures were just amazingly detailed, and the physics was very well indeed! Although there was a glitch with the shadows, the player moved very realistically and fluidly! The lighting and the environment was just perfect

Although I couldn't try out Resistance2 due to the swarming crowd waiting to play the game, just by watching it, it sure looks like a next-gen FPS! Especially, since the first instalment sold pretty well, I believe this one will be welcomed by all PS3 gamers. Insomniac has yet again come out with a attractive for the PS3 gamers! 

LittleBigPlanet took the spotlight, with people in numbers more than you could imagine waiting to play the game! Anyways, I could play the game for nearly 2 hours! Although the graphics isn't state of the art, the physics and the soothing background music was the most enriching element in the game! I played offline multiplayer with my Brother, and we had loads of fun! Although my Brother isn't a regular gamer at all, he took little less than 10 minutes to learn the controls! The 'Pop-It' element was good as expected! Being able to flip, scale and rotate stickers we had lots of fun decorating the level  by oursleves!

I also got to try out Mirror's Edge-the game which took the gaming industry by storm! I was satisfied with the graphics particularly, as there were jagged edges everywhere-and that too the display was a Sony 46-inch Full HD TV! Yet, Faith's hand was amazingly detailed, with even the finger-nails looking realistic! Due to  the controls being a bit clumsy, I couldn't even do a proper jump! Alwasy jumping off the towers only to fall with a thud on the road way below, and re-spawning again, I personally didn't like the game-although the 2-D flash version was ridiculously good!

MotorStom Pacific Rift was nothing like what the original MotorStorm was! The gameplay was a little choppy, and the environment was that richly detailed or textured unlike Uncharted:Drake's Fortune.

Sony India announced that  LittleBigPlanet would be launching soon in India, and so will a 80GB version of the PS3 which is selling like hot-cakes in the U.S.!

There was also a PSP section where gamers pit themselves against others in multiplayer modes in a variety of games. LocoRoco2 is to be launched soon , said Sony.

In the PS2 section, there was Cricket, and WWE fo course! Cricket was confusing, but WWE was good!

I was too sad to leave the stadium, expecially after being mesmerized by LittleBigPlanet...

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S.Roshan said...

I wished to go !!

Sravan(author of this blog) even invited me to come with him.

But I couldn't because of the damn exam.
I hope you had fun there.