Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Beta v.1.01 impressess

As one of the lucky gamers to receive the code to test out PlayStation Home Beta, I really had a wonderful time! Home is a 3D social space for the PS3-similar to SecondLife for the PC. The graphics is top-notch, everything is perfect! Although there were a few glitches, like some squatting gamers were floating mid-air! everything else was fine! 

I was able to check out the 'Central Plaza'-the central hub of Home, my own apartment(it was rather empty) and the Home Theater-a theater where game trailers and stuff are showcased. When I visited the Home Theater-there was a game trailer of SOCOM:Confrontation being played, and since I have a really dead slow connection, it took like 20 mins to load the video! 

At first; you start off in your apartment(known as 'HomeSpace')...customising your character. Afterwards you can explore your HomeSpace...but there isn't much in it at first, so you would rather be wise to head out elsewhere. I decided to immediately visit the Central Plaza, and so I had to download a 30MB odd file which was the Central Plaza scene. Then I just walked right through the door...and I am at Central Plaza! 

Overall the expereince was really fun, and I had a really great time! I was also able to interact with some gamers, listen to some songs, boo some gamers, and dance! It was awesome!

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