Thursday, October 9, 2008

No more price cuts, and a no is a no!

Sony while talking to Edge stated that there will be no price cuts for the PS3 during Christmas. Although the PS3 hasn't yet had any 'ambassador' titles unlike its counterpart, titles like LittleBigPlanet might become system seller...or maybe not (I know it will!). If doesn't, the reason will be that many gamers do not understand the core of the game, and its simple yet vast game experience. It may look kiddish, but it isn't.

Whereas Resistance2 will mostly be a success-because of the appealing content to many gamers. You have to make note that many gamers now a days are atlease 15 years old, and so to them, only such games will seem fun! Yet, this holiday season, the stream of games to be released are multi-platform, and the 360 costing less than even half the PS3's price!...who knows what will happen.

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