Thursday, October 16, 2008

Firmware 2.50 for the PS3 is OUT!!!!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get it! Oh, so first want to know what are the features so that you don't waste time downloading an update that does nothing-like the previous one. Well then, lets get down to business!

  • First of all, the way you create a PlayStation Network account has been redesigned. And believe me, it looks good! I would rather say, more appealing and simple for casual gamers. Then again, only hardcore gamers buy the beloved PS3 right?
  • You can also turn off your PlayStation 3 after a background download or an installation has completed!
  • Various names have been changed: like 'BD/DVD Settings' has been changed to 'Video Settings'. A feature worthy to be noted, 'Sequential Playback' has been added under the renamed 'Video Settings'.
  • If your electricity bills are unusually high, you know who the culprit is-your PS3! Thankfully, Sony has added 'Power Save Settings'-a feature Xbox360 owners have long been used to! It means, you can turn-off your Sixaxis/DualShock3 after a period of inactivity! Cool, huh?
  • The method of reconnecting Bluetooth devices has been changed! And, you can select 'HP' as an option under 'Printers' if you want to print your favourite pictures!
  • You can use 'Mosquito Noise Reduction', support for Adobe Flash 9 has been added! There's much more! Click this link to get to know all the features!
You know what, I think you've heard enough! GO DOWNLOAD IT IMMEDIATELY!

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