Friday, January 2, 2009

Uncharted 2 set in Tibet

A few more details surfaced about Uncharted 2, and the latest is that the sequel will take place in Tibet! Following clues left by Marco Polo, you'll be in search of the famous city Shangri-La.

Also, "stealth mechanics" will be a new feature in Uncharted 2 which is being developed by Naughty Dog. Now, not many games have been successful in pulling off the "stealth" part, and hence flopped...but let's hope that Uncharted 2 isn't plagued by the problem! Naughty Dog is an incredibly talented dev you know, and, they aren't only technically brilliant, but artistically too!

Here's hoping that Naughty Dog is able to work the same magic that made Uncharted: Drake's Fortune a huge success!

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