Wednesday, December 31, 2008

PS3 now costs less to make, but still a burden for Sony

A teardown analysis by iSupply has found out that the second-generation PS3 now only costs $448.73 to make, which is really less compared to $690.23 when it was initially released(the cost DOES NOT include royalties, bix contents, software etc.). 

As many of you know, the PS3 sells for around $399 in the U.S.A, which makes it a loss for Sony everytime a PS3 is sold! Andrew Rassweiler, iSupply analyst, said on Monday that Sony has no doubt come close to breaking even, although they haven't hit the mark.

Sony is facing a financial crisis, due to poor television&camera sales, and due to recession...which has led to Sony laying off thousands of workers. Only time will tell whether Sony can really pull it off...

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